Microsoft Azure releases Security Center

by | Mar 29, 2019 | IoT Companies

On the 28th of March, Microsoft Azure came forward with a new service, the Azure Security Center for the Internet of Things. The security management based on hybrid cloud along with threat protection capabilities is going to be simplified with Azure Security Center. Both of these critical services are going to aid the customer in the manufacturing industry to keep tabs on the security status of the IoT devices which are connected to the Internet via Azure. The industrial applications explicitly use the devices powered by Microsoft Azure.

The new offering from Azure has been specifically designed to make things easier for the customers as well as the partners for curating an enterprise-grade IIoT solution. Threat protection and Security Management are the key players of unlocking the significant level of potential that these IoT devices possess, by keeping the security of these devices intact.

The director of Microsoft Azure, Sam George said that Microsoft Azure wants the security to become an integrated part of the cloud platform. Azure aims to protect the data from distinctive industrial processes as well as operations that range from edge to cloud. Azure is planning to enable blockchain’s popular PoC concept for improving the cloud platform to innovated and learn at a whole new level.

There are some of the cloud services in the world those have not been able to pull things off. Nevertheless Azure is the first cloud service in the world that will deliver a unified, end-to-end approach of the Internet of Things security. On the other hand, the customers using Azure Security Center will allow the customers to find the security config, which is hidden or missing right across the IoT devices, cloud, and the edge.

With the Azure Security Center, it becomes easier to check if the ports of the IoT devices are open or not.

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