Microsoft Azure and Inmarsat will provide cloud services via satellite

by | Feb 26, 2019 | IoT Technology

The satellite telecommunications company of Britain becomes one of the most significant collaborators in the IoT industry by combining its forces with the American tech giant company, Microsoft. The partnership is going to help the customers of the British satellite telecommunications company to resettle its data which is collected via their own Industrial IoT solutions to the centralized platform of Microsoft Azure.

On the basis of the agreement as well as the announcement, Microsoft Azure will help the customers in accessing the global satellite communications network of Inmarsat. This will furthermore help the company to connect the infrastructure of IoT to the applications based on cloud, and this seems like a big win for Microsoft as well because Inmarsat is regarded to be utterly reliable network meant for mobile connectivity.

Inmarsat Enterprise’s president Paul Gudonis said that the relationship of the company with Microsoft is going to provide the customers with trustworthy worldwide connectivity as well as cloud services. This partnership is going to help the company to grasp all the benefits it can from the IoT no matter where they are.

Since a very long time, it has been predicted that the Industrial grade IoT solutions are extremely potent to bring forward complete transparency as well as sheer intelligence to the worldwide chain of supply. And by combining its resources with Microsoft, Inmarsat is going to make things easier and at the same time extremely fast for the businesses from every single sector with a goal of making good use of the technology and by achieving competitive advantage.

The collaboration in its initial stage is going to focus on delivering the solutions based on Industrial IoT to mining, agriculture, transportation as well as into the logistics sectors. Even in its initial stage, the technology will support digitalization.

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