L&T Technology Services & Kudelski Group combine their forces for providing automotive Internet of Things solutions

by | May 29, 2019 | IoT Software Platforms

The Kudelski Group, a staunch leader in digital security as well as L&T Tech Services has reportedly announced a complex partnership which will enable the industrial systems as well as connected cars. The partnership is also going to bring forward a robust device identity & protect data, device, decisions, actions, and commands.

By the looks of it, the LTTS’ extensive expertise in the field of engineering combined with Kudelski’s substantial leadership in the market spanning over three decades has been embedded in the security systems would aid the manufacturers of industrial equipment as well as automotive OEMs for creating new business models and features. At the same time, they also increase the efficiency and the safety of the manufacturers of industrial equipment.

The emergence of cutting-edge digitalization across the world is driving new business applications. Additionally, the companies are also in dire need of a holistic, end-to-end strategy to enlist data protection and security of the device.

The alliance will allow LTTS to leverage the security solutions of Kudelski as well as its Internet of Things Center of Excellence. Furthermore, this will help the manufacturers in running, designing, and sustaining an effective Internet of Things protection all through the complete lifecycle of the product.

Kudelski, on the other hand, is going to leverage the multi-domain proficiencies of LTTS along with its domain specific expertise in the numerous areas such as plant engineering, automotive as well as work. Eventually, this will provide the groundbreaking security solution to the joint customers.

Kudelski and LTTS together will carry out the existing systems’ penetration testing that will assess the present day security posture of the Internet of Things devices as well as the OT networks. They will also bring Assessment Services and Security Design for the new solutions such as system and device’ architecture design, certification as well as device assessments.

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