Low energy consuming Bluetooth SoC conserves battery in the Internet of Things applications

by | Mar 1, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

Dialog Semiconductor PLC has come forward with a new generation of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) SoCs (system-on-chips) which are developed to conserve the battery in the applications based on the Internet of Things. Another notable feature of the SoC is that it extends the range of the Internet of Things applications.

The SoCs come from the family of SmartBond DA1469x which sports triple integrated cores that powers the SoCs to process, and sense as well as communicate right between the devices which are connected to one another. The company behind this revolutionary IoT application breakthrough, Dialog Semiconductor PLC revealed that BLE system-on-chips are the first family to feature a complete wireless microcontroller that comes right under production with a true application processor. The dedicated application processor is based on ARM Cortex-M33 processor; hence it provides more of the processing power for specific applications like smart home devices, fitness trackers as well as the acclaimed VR controllers.

The SmartBond family also sports an SNC aka sensor node controller. The sensor node controller is based on micro-DSP which is extremely customizable and on the other hand it runs on a liberalized and autonomous processes data that originate from the sensors which are also connected to the analog and digital interfaces. It also helps the application processor to wake up only when it is required.

The SoC from SmartBond family also consists of a PMU unit to manage power by merely controlling the distinctive cores meant for processing. The SoC activates the PMU only when it is needed. The power management unit is integrated with one LDO low-dropout along with three of the regulated power rails that supplies power to the exterior system components by merely not having to require about the distinctive power management.

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