Livestock industry can sincerely benefit from the Internet of Things

by | Apr 17, 2019 | IoT News

When it comes to the livestock industry, the analysts are predicting that the industry can take the help of the modern-day cutting edge tech such as IoT. Pairing the Internet of Things devices even with the simplest of software platforms can also be beneficial for the ranchers to managing and track their inventory. Until now the ranchers used to use pen and paper to trace the cattle and also to keep tabs on them.

The Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of Quantified AG, Brian Schupbach, in the last five years, the livestock also known as the cattle industry has reportedly made giant leaps and crossed boundaries when it comes to adopting new technology. On the other hand, if people will take a closer look at the cattle industry, they will notice that there wasn’t an advancement of any sort. Beforehand, it used to feel that the cattle industry is the type of industry that forgot to adopt technological advancement in the first place.

And now Schupbach is trying to change the inevitable doom that the cattle industry was going through with the help of Quantified AG. By the looks of it, the Quantified AG is based in Nebraska, and it is a whole data analytics company that helps its customers in keep track of the livestock data. The company develops smart ear tags which are specifically designed for the cattle. Schupbach says that smart tags are like FitBits devices for cows.

The device comes with the software platform which extends to both web and mobile applications. The ranchers can utilize the device to monitor the health and the dietary needs of the animals.

It took four years for the research and development team of Quantified AG to develop these devices. And the company is planning to release the first of its commercial product in a few months.

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