List of The best IoT Devices

by | Feb 21, 2019 | IoT Devices & Sensors

IoT has a lot of things to play in the journey of digital transformation as per the IoT news 2019. Some organizations have already adapted to IoT applications. By 2020 it is expected that IoT will be implemented in almost 95% of all the newly launched products. These implementations are backed by some awesome platforms in amazing devices; some of the platforms are discussed hereunder.

Amazon IoT

Amazon IoT services connect the AWS devices to other devices. In the process of connection, data security and interactions are never compromised whatsoever. Applications are enabled in the devices even when the devices are offline.


  • The AWS SDK enables you to connect any of your hardware devices or your mobile applications to the IoT core of AWS.
  • The Message Broker securely transmits all the messages to and from the IoT devices and low latency applications.
  • The device Gateway implements all the semantics for all the protocols thereby securing effective communication with all the IoT trends and devices.

Google IoT

Google Cloud is a complete package of tools to store, process and analyze data both in the cloud and also at the edge. The integrated software with an edge on AI serves all your IoT related needs.


  • Google maps help in perfectly locating your business location. An effective movement of all your assets is perfectly visualized with the help of Google maps.
  • Firmware updates can be effectively carried on using the Cloud IoT sensors.
  • Gaining real-time insights from services dispersed globally can be possible only with Google Cloud services.

Microsoft Azure- IoT

Transform all the digital information into powerful applications that are essential for the IoT updates and development. New business opportunities can be fuelled in all the sectors starting from retail to transport and others.


  • Cloud analytics and intelligence can be incorporated into IoT services to get deeper insights for faster decision making.
  • Provides effective security of information with the help of leading technologies that also help in boosting the business transparency at ease.



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