Libelium curates connected vineyard on Agrotech app

by | Mar 30, 2019 | IoT Software Platforms

Libelium partners with Ibercaja for benefiting the Spanish vineyards in Aragon via the Internet of Things connectivity.

The company also said that it is working for maximizing the prospective of the vineyards, for adapting to the extreme conditions in obtaining better and higher quality of the product in the vineyard. The agricultural Internet of Things projects are explicitly designed for providing sustainability, efficiency, traceability, and on top of that, it optimizes the natural resources.

Ibercaja has made its way to the Agrotech which is a financing program that is confined to the agronomists financing program. With the help of the financing program, it is easier to introduce and adopt the acclaimed Internet of Things technology right into the conventional sector. EFOR developed the Agrotech. By the looks of it, Agrotech is a technological service provider, and developer os solution meant for communication, management, Libelium and marketing of companies.

With the help of smart technologies such as the Internet of Thing and Artificial Intelligence, it is easier for the farmers to have an efficient consumption of natural resources. With the help of the advancement of technology, farmers will be able to know the best moment to irrigate, sow, harvest and fertilize.

Agrotech has released its essential objective:

Deliver the Internet of Things product as well as technical analysis to the key customers of the farming sector of Ibercaja. Agrotech helps in measuring the variable which was explicitly chosen during the project.

Agrotech has introduced an acclaimed platform as well as cloud app where the users analyzed the data for visualizing the first of the demo in the future product which is going to allow the users in identifying the critical issues and helping them in their decision making.

It is easier to analyze and conceptualize the creation of the product as well as the brand.

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