Leonardo IoT will combie Business Apps with Physical Data

by | Feb 26, 2019 | IoT Technology

SAP is currently multiplying the commitment it made earlier to the industry of Internet of Things upon launching Leonardo IoT. The newly introduced Leonardo IoT is a brand new platform which aims in helping the companies as well as the projects by increasing the productivity, grow revenue and improve the experience of a customer by introducing physical data into the gameplay.

Leonardo IoT was introduced at the Mobile World Congress 2019 on Monday. The platform is designed to assist the enterprises across the world by providing a wide array of data captured vertically from numerous IoT sources. Leonardo IoT will analyze the data by combining it with SAP applications and later create a brand new business model.

By the looks of it, the Leonardo IoT is an all-rounder platform among the Internet of Things, and It will serve as a platform that provides solutions every single day. The goal of Leonardo IoT is to support the customers by providing them with a new transformation, according to the senior vice president of Leonardo IoT, Elvira Wallis.

Wallis also said that Leonardo IoT is going to help the customers in transforming their business altogether in three distinctive way- Leonardo will combine the IoT data with the business process data that comes from SAP applications such as Hana and SuccessFactors. Leonardo IoT will also improve the current fundamentals such as extending the capabilities of the implementation of the existing SAP Internet of Things applications, and at the same time, it will also create a new and smart Internet of Things applications.

For instance, Dormakaba is utilizing the newly introduced Leonardo IoT to physically access the application control which orchestrates the data from the badges of the employee that are swiped in the front doors with SuccessFactors of SAP.

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