Lantronix showcases latest IoT solutions in 2019 IoT Summit

by | Sep 4, 2019 | IoT Companies

Lantronix, Inc is renowned as a provider of management solutions and data access for the IIoT. For quite some time now, Lantronix is making advancements in the IoT technological sphere which help the adopters across the globe. During the 2019 Internet of Things Summit, namely, Ingram Micro, Lantronix brought forward a glimpse of the potential devices that the company is going to release in the forthcoming months.

By the looks of it, the one-day event will be held on the 5th of September 2019 in the heart of California, Irvine. The goal of the summit is to bring together the significant Internet of Things innovators under the same roof. Moreover, the innovators showcase how the Internet of Things, Mixed Reality, and Artificial Intelligence will aid in solving the problems that the businesses are facing in the present world.

According to sources, the IoT provider has been honoured to become one among the 30+ vendor partners that Ingram Micro has chosen for showcasing their solutions. Lantronix will also demonstrate the cutting-edge solution, namely, Out-of-Band Management, along with edge gateways during the event. Reports also suggest that Lantronix will also showcase its cutting-edge Internet of Things sensors.

The Vice President of Strategy at Lantronix, Jonathan Shipman said that they are excited in providing an insight of their ecosystem to their customers and partner, Ingram Micro. Lantronix also said that they value the vision that Ingram possesses as the world’s massive Internet of Things Solutions Aggregator.

Moreover, their synergies also provide massive opportunities along with innovative solutions for the community of Ingram. The 2019 edition IoT Summit of Ingram Micro curates a robust portfolio of end-to-end, vertically-oriented solution alongside the best Internet of Things components.

Lantronix would also feature its industry-leading Internet of Things Device Gateway portfolio such as SGX 5150-MD, and SGX 5150 device gateway for the healthcare devices. On the other hand, Lantronix will also introduce a new member, SGX5150 XL during the summit.

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