Lacuna Space aims at riding the wave of IoT alongside 32-cubesat constellation

by | Aug 14, 2019 | IoT Companies

The CEO of Lacuna Space Rob Spurrett, says that he is very well that his 3-year-old startup is an integral part of the ornamental wave of the ventures. Moreover, it seeks in deploying the constellations of CubeSats for connecting with the world covered in distinctive smart devices.

At the very least, around 16 companies currently target the Internet of Things market alongside smallsat, based on the analysis of Alan Criso. It also ranges from startups such as Kepler Communications and Fleet to the heavyweight companies such as Eutelsat. Spurrett also said that like significant other companies even they did spot a massive opportunity with the Internet of Things. And this is possible with the miniature satellites.

However, it is yet to be determined as to if Lacuna Space would rise in the long run. However, the CEO of the startup believes the emphasis of the company to offer the lowest-most price service by making it an absolute winner.

Spurrett said that they have always been seeing the Internet of Things as a very low-cost application. Moreover, driving away from the cost right out of the system can be extremely critical in the long run. However, if people dream of winning the race, then everything comes down to the fact as to who can drive the Internet of Things in lowest price.

The startup said that it is expecting to launch for distinctive prototypes of the low-cost satellite system by 2019’s end. Moreover, the company has also shared a payload by collaborating with an IoT startup, namely, SpaceWorks Orbital, which came into being in April. Lithuania’s NanoAvioncs also took an active role in supplying bus for the interstellar transports.

Spurrett also said that In Space Missions, a startup from Britain has already been booked for launch a Rocket Lab Electron. Open Cosmos is also said to collaborate with Lacuna Space and schedule launching on the Arianespace Soyuz.

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