L-Spark launched Accelerator for IoT ventures in Canada

by | Mar 29, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

L-Spark, an acclaimed Canadian SaaS, has reportedly collaborated with Telus, the telecoms operator. Together these companies are going to launch an accelerator program of a secure Internet of Things.

According to the sources, the companies are working together with Solace as well as BlackBerry and the accelerator has been accepting the application that is coming from ever-growing companies from Canada. With the help of this joint venture, these companies are planning to develop an application based on Internet of Things for a vast variety of industries around the country.

The programme came into being to provide the emerging Internet of Things venture in Canada. Mostly this programme for the venture of the Internet of Things which has a maximum reach capability in the worldwide market. L-Spark states that innovation has an extremely secure design interface.

According to the information provided by the partners, these capabilities are going to enable a steep development that comes right from the package of the products. By the looks of it, there is a better service experience and privacy that comes with these products as well as service experiences. The group of companies also claimed that the design of the device makes to proficient in terms of privacy and connectivity. On the other hand, there is systematic device management as well as end-user management access which better level of provisioning prowess.

The group of collaborators said that the companies who are going to make use of the Accelerator Package (this is what the collaborations have named the application package) are going to become the real winners in the long run as the new line of application is extremely cost effective and at the same time explicitly reliable.

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