Kennards Hire escalates the equipment visibility with the Internet of Things

by | Mar 11, 2019 | IoT Companies

The company has curated a very intuitive solution based on Internet of Things. The solution is specifically designed to take advantage of edge computing, cloud computing as well as satellite communications. The solution is also going to aid in keeping track of the assets.

With the help of GPS tracking, the solution is going to utilize a vast series of sensors for fueling levels, keeping the tabs on the usage and rafting the other side of data. With the help of the solution, it will be easier to estimative the utilization of the pieces of equipment. It will also benefit the companies to schedule preventive maintenance, reducing the high risk of downtime and eventually it will also promote safety.

Given that the solution is in the pilot stage. The business on the other hand to ready for exploiting the smart capabilities of edge computation of the solution. This will help the customers to gather the feeds straight out of the platform for getting to know that the equipment that they are using are being used efficiently, correctly and with safety.

EasyTRAK system is explicitly designed to gather different inputs which come from vehicles, environmental sensors, wearables, distinctive sensors of equipment and plants. EasyTRAK analyses the data by transmitting it to the cloud; it injects the data before leading to further review.

The company buys the new equipment which is mostly featured with in-built sensors. The Internet of Things solution will eventually integrate the data with the help of Application Programming Interfaces for accessing, and later its solution will help in ingesting the data extensively.

The new IoT solution is built on the same fundamental principle such as Microsoft’s Internet of Things Edge, the Azure Internet of Things hub.

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