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by | Aug 22, 2019 | IoT Devices & Sensors

The new strategic partnership of Pepper is with Dahua Technology, which is based in China. The new collaboration will also give rise to massive opportunities, according to the CEO of Pepper, Scott Ford.

Pepper is a technology start-up company which is based out of Kansas City. By the looks of it, Pepper will integrate its Internet of Things platform in a way that it will act as a tech platform right into the devices of Dahua. Moreover, these devices will be sold all across North America.

As far as Dahua is concerned, it curates products such as networking camera, surveillance equipment, and as well as critical hardware components. Dahua is also the second-largest manufacturer of surveillance cameras. According to Ford, Dahua has a leading share in the market, mostly in the North American region. Dahua also has made a name for itself in providing security devices.

In addition to this, Dahua also manufactures Internet of Things devices for the consumers. One of the most important goals of Dahua is to keep the data extremely secure and private. According to Ford, Dahua is the first-ever manufacturer from Asia to have distinctive thinking and approach when it comes to curating modern-day IoT devices.

The present-day Internet of Things market is entirely unregulated as far as the privacy and security are concerned. Internet of Things market is also giving rise to a prolonged threat by which the foreign companies can easily access the data on platforms and devices. In terms of business, Pepper is playing the role of a middle-man. Most of the video and data communication devices of Dahua are usually sold across North America. Moreover, it stays constrained within the platform.

Pepper will also oversee that proper security is maintained when it comes to deployment of the devices across the country. Furthermore, the company will also be responsible for handling the information of the users from their very end.

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