KaHa raises $6.2 million

by | May 21, 2019 | IoT News

Bengaluru and Singapore based Internet of Things startup, KaHa has reportedly raised around $6.2 million. One of the venture capitalists that focuses on deep-tech investments, ICT Fund played a significant role to raise the whooping IPO in the Series B funding.

According to the company, the fund that was raised in the Series B round will help the company in boosting its research, scaling and development of the company’s operations around the Asia-Pacific region.

The company was incorporated in the year 2015, and now the company operates as an end-to-end Internet of Things platform for the smart wearables such as Android and iOS application framework, electronics design and printed circuit board. The company also has expertise in curating cutting-edge after-sales service tool and data analytics.

KaHa aids the customers and the partners in incorporating the groundbreaking technology without having to go through financial costs. The company is currently estimating that the number of devices that are powered by its platform will exceed two million by 2019 end.

The company is also going to expand its presence across Singapore and at the same time, it also hopes to play a crucial role in driving the IoT ecosystem of the country. KaHa said that it is converging intimately with the private and the public sectors for developing advanced and smarter use cases on the smart wearables.

Some of the notable partners of KaHa are, Bridgestone, TEX Line, ASTAR SIMTech, Titan, Curtis Australia. After collaborating with the ASTAR SIMTech, Tex Line, KaHa curated a smart fitness shirt. KaHa tested the smart shirt, which was comprised of real-time heart rate monitor, heart rate variance among other health parameters.

The funding will not only expand its products line; instead, the company can focus on making much more breakthroughs by curating sensible and user-friendly technology.

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