It is swift to integrate IoT Security with OPTIGA

by | Aug 1, 2019 | IoT Devices & Sensors

IoT or the cutting-edge Internet of Things is booming at an exponential rate. The IDC aka International Data Corporation currently predicts that the installed base of the Internet of Things units, as well as system, would grow around 17.5 percent. Moreover, by the time the world progresses to the year 2020, IoT units at 17.5 percent CAGR would reach almost 28.1 billion.

The expansion of the Internet of Things devices ranges from heating controllers and security cameras to industrial automation street lights, among others. The worst things about the IoT and the conventional connected devices is that they come with robust security issues.

Back in the year 2016, an undergraduate from Rutgers brought a botnet malware, namely Mirai. The botnet was able to hijack hundreds of thousands of conventional Internet of Things devices. The connected devices such as CCTV cameras and the modern-day baby monitors were also affected by the Mirai botnet.

By the looks of it, they did deliver a powerful and widespread DDoS attack on significant servers across the globe. By the looks of it, the entire methodology of the worldwide DDoS attack was straightforward. The malware began to search for distinctive open device ports across the internet. Later, the malware attempted to log in with default passwords and usernames. According to several reports, the malware was successful in taking control of the devices.

Mirai botnet was able to send several frequent access requests for overwhelming the distinctive target servers. There are several other ways to take a look at the attack systems. It is easier to have access to the Internet of Things devices by merely exploiting the vulnerabilities in software. Sometimes, the effects of the botnet attack have the chance of going unnoticed. The only solution to protect the device is to provide additional protection software protected or firewalls.

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