IoT will dominate the Bluetooth market in the future

by | Sep 16, 2019 | IoT Technology

When people usually hear “Bluetooth” they usually think that it is a primitive technology that used to come in old phones. Around ten years ago people used the Bluetooth technology to share files among each other. However, a new report that comes from ABI Research suggests that Internet of Things devices are going to play a dominant role in the Bluetooth market.

The report is named as Wireless Connectivity Tech Segmentation & Addressable Markets. Furthermore, the report suggests that by the beginning of 2024, the Internet of Things markets would represent around 31% of the overall Bluetooth and 27% of the Wi-Fi device shipments. The jump is more than twice as compared to the utilization of technology back in 2019.

Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi would still rely on the smartphone industry for most of the business. However, in almost five years the use of Bluetooth in the smartphone industry will be significantly less i.e., less than 30%. ABI’s principal analyst Andrew Zignani said that Bluetooth technology will continue to grow in several areas like headsets, speakers, PC accessories and mobile.

Bluetooth will become part and parcel of the connected toys as well as home entertainment systems. In the meantime, the Internet of Things is starting to take a significant share in the market. The study did also layout several sectors which would be in taking maximum shares of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are the world is soon going to progress to the revolutionary 2020s. ABI also suggests that the device location tools and asset management tools will dominate around 8.5% of the overall Bluetooth market by the beginning of 2024.

The activity trackers, smartwatches, as well as smart clothing, would also drive different sections of the present-day Bluetooth market. The IoT devices will see an increase in the rate of adoption in the forthcoming years.

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