IoT will aid the shipping industries to save billions

by | Jul 2, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

Internet of Things is on the verge of saving hundreds of millions of dollars annually. And this is all the more reason as to why the shipping industry has started moving out from the pilot IoT projects and are trying to adopt a smattering of IoT in the real world. Numerous small and large are heading towards a French Tech firm, called Traxens. The company would aid the shipping countries in deploying several IoT devices in different fleets.

Moreover, Traxens has curated technology which monitors and tracks cargo. The company came into being in the year 2012. Over time, the company has earned investments from some of the leading shipping companies across the world. The shipping companies are responsible for carrying almost 90 percent of the total traded goods in the world. 

Besides, this year has been great for Traxens as A.P.Moller-MaerskA/S, the leading container ship company in the world as well supply vessel operator became a shareholder as well as a customer of Traxens.

Early June, Traxens decided to equip Indonesian shipping company called PT TKSolusindo alongside a definitive compartment of devices. Each device is a little longer, and a little thinner than the brick and they also come with sensors such as GPS. Moreover, these devices can track geolocation and detect motion and shock. The devices can also check the humidity, temperature as well as alarms on the refrigerated containers, namely reefers.

On the other hand, PT TKSolusindo is a general container company which serves clients in the Indonesian group of islands. Furthermore, the company features an expert in transferring meat, ice cream, produce, and medicines. Traxens said that by mid-2020 around 150,000 shipping containers would equip in all companies that they are planning to serve. Traxens has garnered a vast amount of investments in the Internet of Things for improving the efficiency is shipping the products.

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