Oizom, an Ahmedabad-based IoT solution provider for the environment applications, has leveraged Tata Communication’s LoRaWAN-based networking infrastructure and Semtech Corporation’s LoRa devices for its all-new Agribot smart agriculture solution. The Agribot solution will provide the farmers with real-time insight about the crop health through monitoring of the soil conditions, which is inclusive of the pH levels as well as the humidity.

The Agribot’sLoRa based sensors will assist the farmers in making better decisions the smart way for the crop yield improvement as well as for crop irrigation. With easy installation, the Agribot offers service to the farmers even in the areas with no cellular coverage.

The LoRa devices of Semtech are an ideal IoT solution for the application in smart agriculture as it has all the required set of features that enables long-range Cloud connectivity and real-time monitoring of data. Oizom, with the help of LoRaWAN’s protocols and the LoRa devices, is successful in a rapid acceleration of products to the market. It is also able to capture a wide range of soil data in varying temperatures of the environment.

According to an interview with the CEO of Hello Tractor, the firm is bringing revolution in the field of agriculture. The company helps in connecting the tractor owners with the farmers working in the laborious and hot conditions to provide them better access to the proper machinery.

The CEO of Hello Tractor, Jehiel Oliver, says that IoT remains woven throughout the technology stack of the company. He further adds that IoT can provide value to both farmers and the tractor owners. With the assistance of the company, farmers can easily locate and take advantage of the tractor services.

A public network deployed last year by the Australian carrier National Narrowband Network Co based on LoRaWAN protocol leveraging Semtech’s technology and devices for building IoT applications. The network aimed at bringing about smarter irrigation management solutions for the cotton growers in Australia.

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