IoT Security Standards are essential to prevent data stealing

by | Aug 27, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

In the present-day scenario, millions of devices are getting connected to the Internet everyday. Given that the devices are getting smarter, the digital security of the Internet of Things is becoming a concern for several enterprises across the world. Most of the smart devices are connected with the edge gateways along with cloud platforms.

The Internet of Things devices does not produce a massive chunk of data than any other device. Instead, it also creates the quickest stream of data that continually flows through the distinctive sensors. The IIoT, IoT, as well as edge computing,  is growing at a faster pace. A recent report suggests that the complete spending of the Internet of Things is around $745 billion this year. 

By 2022, the IoT technology will cross around $1 trillion mark. IoT is found everywhere these days. The technology is found in self-driving cars, smart meters, healthcare devices. The Internet of Things also provides an upper hand on the business sector. There is a higher level of connectivity of the IoT devices, and this welcomes unprecedented data security.

Hackers are shutting down different Internet of Things gadgets by using several botnets. One of the notable botnets is the Mirai botnet which took control of the more significant segment of the Internet on the coast of the US. The botnets target the infrastructure of the enterprise, such as dams, grids, and nuclear offices. The entirety of the IoT security is not just the security of the Internet anymore. Instead, it is becoming a concern for national security.

The reason why most of the IoT devices are vulnerable is that they interact very differently from the Internet as compared with the traditional IT devices. The enterprises and individuals still feel that IoT is still one of the most expensive add-ons that they cannot incorporate in the long run.

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