IoT Security is part of a bigger focus for the Kudelski Group

by | Apr 27, 2019 | IoT Companies

Kudelski Security, the finalist of Internet of Things World Awards has some of the rarest backgrounds. The Parent Company of Kudelski Security, Kudelski Group, came into being in the year 1951. The Switzerland-based Kudelski Group is the manufacturer of the portable analogue recorder called Nagra. The Audiophiles around the world used to praise the early product as well as the present day audio gear.

On top of that, the products from Kudelski were utilized during the Watergate trials. Additionally, the company even featured in films and television series such as All the President’s Men and the 1960 Mission Impossible. Due to their impeccable contribution to the motion picture, Stefan Kudelski was awarded Emmy Awards as well as Academy Awards.

In the year 1991, Andre, Stefan’s heir to the throne took control of the business. During this era, the analog audio equipment was not of much importance. And Andre managed to move the business towards digitized content protection, specifically in the area of cable and satellite along with TV space. After four years Andre became the Global Leader for Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum.

Now fast forward to 2019, the company has also stepped in the space of the Internet of Things also known as the connected devices. Kudelski’s global Chief Technology Officer, Andrew Howard said that the company is pretty much integrated with the Internet of Things technology.

Kudelski Security is also well aware of the fact that most of the IoT organizations are going through a tough time due to the security risk of the technology. The security problem with the Internet of Things is also making the security officer of the company worried, and in turn, this becomes Andrew Howard’s problems. According to Howard, the security in the Internet of Things is significant than the conventional security threats.

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