IoT receives global recognition, but there are hurdles

by | Aug 1, 2019 | IoT News

The present-day Internet of Things devices and sensors are getting massive adoption worldwide. However, even with a higher rate of adoption, the cutting-edge Internet of Things faces a lot of challenges. The most compelling challenges that the Internet of Things face every day is with security and complexity.

IoT Signals came up with a recent survey which points are compelling problems. The survey suggests that over 3,000 Internet of Things enterprise decision-makers from the Microsoft Corporation said that 85% of the total respondents of the Internet of Things are into adoption. In addition to this, three-fourths of the enterprises are planning to curate IoT projects.

Moreover, the Internet of Things adopters say that they are going to see around 30% of ROI, including efficiencies, and cost savings. 97% of the adopters of the Internet of Things have a serious concern concerning security when it comes to implementing the technology. Four out of every ten adopters, which is around 38% said that technicality and complexity challenges that come with using the Internet of Things as a barrier to commencing the adoption of technology.

On top of that, nearly one-third of the IoT projects, which is around 30% faces drawback during the adopting phase. These group of adopters generally face technical challenges when it comes to adoption. Sometimes the implementations concerning the Internet of Things is expensive, or the bottom-line benefits are completely unclear.

On top of that, there is a sheer lack when it comes to talent as well as training. These factors present themselves half of the challenges that IoT adopters go through during adaption. 47% of the people the IoT industry doesn’t have enough skilled workers. The experts and IoT enthusiasts say that some of the technological advancements of recent days would help the technology. Artificial Intelligence, 5G, edge computing would aid the Internet of Things to reach their true potential.

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