IoT is reshaping the society from head to toe

by | Jun 20, 2019 | IoT Companies

Cloud technology came into being around a decade ago, and since its inception, cloud technology has taken the world by storm. Nevertheless, cloud technology also has a dark side, and the users fear that privacy can be breached. However, the same people use both Gmail, along with significant other free email providers without realizing that they have been using the cloud to save their emails and data.

Similarly, the Internet of Things is going through the same phase. 5G telecommunication technology is predicted to advance the level of Internet of Things devices to over tens of billion. On the other hand, people have already used the technology in their homes.

Smart-metering plays a significant role in keeping track of the amount of energy used. It also collects the data from a considerable distance. Smart meters are the devices that measure the usage of a specific amount of utilities along with consumable resources for transferring the data via a wireless connection.

The technology called smart meters entered Rome around ten years ago to have an overview of the consumption of centralized heat and water. And now in Rome, Smart Metering also keeps a tab on both electricity and gas. Smart Metering is not on a small scale now as Rome is presently incorporating many Smart Meters across the region.

According to Romanian Energy Strategy, making energy efficient is their priority. Experts in the country suggest that power in the country can be made efficient via Smart Gird. RES also cites that the country has already set a goal for reducing consumption of energy almost by 19 percent. And this will happen by 2020. Moreover, the target can be accomplished with the help of the Smart Grid. To support this stance, Electrica said that they are going to install 500,000 smart meters by the end of 2020.

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