IoT is deployed for outer space, trucking and real estate

by | Feb 23, 2019 | IoT News, IoT Technology

When a person talks about IoT or Internet of Things, the first and the foremost thing that comes into their mind is that is it centralised. A company usually wires a newly developed sensor to a few of its critical pieces of equipment. These sensors are helpful in sending back the data towards edge gateways for processing limit amount of data, and lastly, it is sent to a specific data centre’s cloud storage. The entire process might look like a complicated process; nevertheless, the working principle of an IoT device is as simple as staring at the moon in the middle of the night.


IoT has seen a wide array of implementation in the past couple of years is because with IoT a developer can construct devices with distinctive architectures. For instance, a startup called Fleet Space Technologies revealed this month that their company had reached signups for a million devices for the Internet of Things edge system, a superior satellite program. The company calls the satellite IoT project as Project Galaxy.


The goal of Project Galaxy is to provide accurate global coverage to LoRaWAN, and digital wireless patented data communication technology. LoRaWAN permits long-range for the connectivity of the Internet of Things. The devices register with LoRaWAN are connected to a satellite for the means of connectivity which ranges back to a home network. The company, LoRaWAB now boasts itself as a Fortune 500 company and this year it has come forward and registered the devices for Project Galaxy.


On the other hand, one of the other most popular application for tech in IoT is the Vehical-fleet management, this comes on the side of an enterprise. Haulyncx, a company based in Arizona currently offers a brand new fundamental idea which twists the entire concept of vehicle tracking. In the meantime, Spaceti, a startup company based in the Czech Republic is planning to turn its entire office to an IoT firm. Spaceti will track everything such as booking for a meeting room, garage spots, temperature control, and it will also monitor if the coffee machine in the office is broken.

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