IoT is aiding the shipping business to grow, exponentially

by | Apr 18, 2019 | IoT Devices & Sensors

It is predicted that in a year time, the Enterprise Internet of Things will be able to contribute $14.2 trillion to the worldwide economy. Streamlined processes, robust technologies, state of the art analytics and skilled people will connect right across a global network. By the looks of it, the sensors also accumulate a huge amount of data from a diversified range of the connected devices, starting from zero-emission cars to the airplane.

The Internet of Things has been transforming industries starting from healthcare to the manufacturing, utilities to the financial services. On the other hand, the shipping industry is also adopting IoT like that of Bible’s “Kingdom Come.” Judging by the level of adaptation, the adaptation of the Internet of Things is demonstrating sheer maturity to embrace the outrageous potential of the Internet of Things.

The demand of the consumers, as well as the need for robust Internet of Things applications and devices for the e-commerce giants around the globe, are the two absolute reasons as to why there is an increase in adoption of the Internet of Things to ship products. The organizations are managing innovative technologies to send parcels efficiently.

The globals statistics reveal that around 2300 parcels are shipped around the globe with every passing second. And in the year 2020, the volume of shipping of the global parcels will reach 100 billion. So far, e-commerce played a crucial role that gave rise to the exponential increase in shipping businesses. By the looks of it, around 94 percent of global consumers are into online shopping.

The e-commerce firms have proven to raise the expectations of the consumers at a staggering rate. The e-commerce industry is pushing the limit to make the shipping industry better than it was yesterday.

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