IoT innovators from around the world unite for the conference

by | Mar 29, 2019 | IoT News

Something glorious took place in the world of the Internet of Things. The most awaited 2019 Internet of Things Forum Africa was held on 26th and 27th of March in South Africa. As planned earlier the Gallagher Convention Centre located in Midrand sported the 2019 Africa Forum for the second time.

The event was one of the most significant events in the world which focus entirely on the Internet of Things. By the looks of it, the forum did pull off and brought 400 best IoT minds with expertise in the tech together. And this is one of those glorious moments of the Internet of Things technology as the professionals are ready to provide everything they can to make the technology a significant part of the day to day life in a country like Africa. The goal for these people is to transform Africa into a significant smart city in the world.

Pinky Kekana, the Deputy Minister, was the one who kicked off the 2019 forum with his keynote speech related to the Industry 4.0 which is better known as the 4th Industrial Revolution of the world. Kekana hinted that with the help of the Internet of Things, human beings would learn how to co-exist alongside the machines. Kekana is one of those people in the world who feels that IoT is going to revolutionize the way traditional industries work.

The best things about the 3rd Forum in Africa was that the forum received great support from the experts in the field of IoT such as SAP, SqwidNet, Osiris Technical Systems, Polymorph, and Liferay. The primary sponsor of the forum was Sqwidnet. The company aided in ensuring the attendees that they will walk away from the panel with a better understanding of the Internet of Things.

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