IoT industry did not live up to the expected hype

by | Apr 9, 2019 | IoT News

Since the past decade, the cellular industry derived the concept of curating and introducing the cellular connectivity directly into the devices which can be consumed by the consumers around the world. These devices are not conventional connected devices such as smartphones and laptops.

For most of the time, the wireless operators have been utilizing the primitive 2G network to help their customers to keep tabs on the truck fleets, workforce and other industrial operation such as machine to machine communication. Later in the year 2009, the cellular industry started talking about utilizing 3G wireless network connectivity and 4G networks for connecting dog collars, e-book reader, digitized picture frames among others.

AT&T then integrated the AT&T modules and embedded them in most of the devices by the end of 2008. Sprint, on the other hand, was already a leader when it came to embedded devices. And it was sprint which provided cellular connectivity to the first-generation of Kindle e-reader. Amazon later took the service from AT&T for the second generation devices, and 3G network connectivity of AT&T used the cutting technology air GSM interface. These embedded devices are now regarded as the Internet of Things.

Now the big players such as Ericsson and Qualcomm are talking to bring forward a stream of connected devices other hand and popular e-reader. Now the companies are talking to introduce refrigerators, cars, among others. By the looks of it, Ericsson earlier predicted that the Internet of Things connections is going to reach 3.5 billion in the year 2023.

Then there is the IDC which predicted that the Internet of Things spendings is going to reach $1.2 trillion in the year 2022. And now these visionaries claimed that they simple overhyped the Internet of Things due to popularity.

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