Many business enterprises believe that the opportunities for developing new partnerships help them in expanding their capabilities as well as expertise. They also find that such partnerships even benefit them by accelerating time to market and reducing the overall production costs.

The best place where different business enterprises get chances of building new partnerships is events. One such must-attend event is the IoT in Action event. This free IoT event will take place on 25th February 2019 between 9.30am to 5 pm in Nuremberg, Germany. The venue of the IoT in Action event is Hilton Nuremberg Hotel, Valzner Weiher 200 90480 Nurnberg- Germany.

This IoT event will offer actionable insights to technical and business leaders about implementing intelligent Cloud IoT solutions. Some of the very important things to look out for in this event are- Breakout and keynotes sessions on technical training and business transformation; Off-the-shelf and customizable IoT solutions which help in driving business goals; Expert insight about fast-tracking personal IoT visions from a mere concept to implementation; and Robust match-making sessions on how to develop new partnerships.

This event is highly recommended for technical and business decision makers who have good interest in obtaining more insights about the latest IoT trends about IoT business transformation as well as innovations in IoT cognitive services, IoT security, Hybrid Cloud, Intelligent edge, and deploying the IoT accelerators for building repeatable, scalable solutions. By attending this IoT event, they can deepen partnerships, obtain actionable insights, and unleash the true potential of the intelligent Cloud solutions and intelligent edge. The IoT in Action event in Nuremberg would even be an excellent opportunity for meeting and collaborating with Microsoft’s partner and customer ecosystem.