IoT Glossary

by | Mar 1, 2019 | IoT Technology

Whether your interest lies in smart cities, homes, or edge computing, below, we have compiled a thorough list of protocols, devices, and IoT-related phrases that you should be aware of while diving deeper into the creation of a connected future.

Note: We will periodically update this list with newer terms; however, if you want to help, you may drop us a comment in the section below and we would be more than happy to oblige. After all, this is your dictionary.


Actuator: It’s a mechanism that is capable of executing a physical task based on the inputs of a connected system.

Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP): AMQP is an open application layer protocol for message-oriented middleware focusing on routing, queuing, security, and reliability.


Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE): A wireless personal area network for devices with lower power consumption and costs, while supporting a communication range like Bluetooth.


Chirps: Lighter protocols specifically designed to allow the “things” of IoT to communicate and exchange. Designed for machine-to-machine communication, these are efficient, scalable data frames with an open source structure, private data fields, and a simple checksum.

Competitive consumers: It’s a messaging model in which more consumers receive messages from a common source (i.e. a queue), but each message is delivered to a particular consumer.


Data Filtration: Part of the border layer that reduces the amount of information transmitted, but retains its meaning.

Device independent control: A portion of the edge layer that provides site abstraction to allow the server and/or cloud application to be independent of the implementation of the device it controls.


Edge Gateway: It’s the connection factor between device scanning and data processing and analysis in the cloud.

Edge Layer: Architecture change in IoT that violates the traditional client-server model standard. This is the first connectivity layer that devices must connect to before connecting to the server. Responsible for local connectivity of devices and management of data collection and connection to this server.

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