IoT ecosystem of Deutsche Telekom implements Chordant Platform

by | Feb 23, 2019 | IoT Software Platforms

Chordant has recently announced that it is going to become the first of the platform provider to step into IoT ecosystem. The platform is interconnected by the service of IoT Solution Optimized by Deutsche Telekom. Deutsche Telekom came forward with the ecosystem on 18th of February. By the resizeable online service, IoT Solution Optimizer is a service which stipulates functions based on customer onboarding and technical consultancy. The IoT Solution Optimizer also ensures to provide cost-effective and reliable IoT solutions.

Chordant is going to play a pivotal role as the first of its kind IoT ecosystem. It is going to provide a fundamental component along with significant benefits to most of the customers who are currently on the verge of deploying a wide array of IoT systems, most importantly in the Smart Cities. The platform of Chordant is increasing its reach regarding the Solution Optimizer that will additionally include the oneM2M Layer of Service. The Service Layer standardises the correlation between the applications as well as the IoT devices.

The President of Chordant, Mika Rasinkangas said that the moment a customer opts for working with the company, they are going to choose a standardised approach which is going to simplify the deployment of IoT. The platform helps in addressing the fragmentation issue which the IoT industry faces in the modern-day scenario. The customers can entirely rely on the solutions as well as the modules from the developers in the Deutsche Telekom Ecosystem because it will work in a seamless manner.

The solutions based on the oneM2M standard are designed in a way to correctly work with the new low-power-wide-area telecommunications network also known as LPWA as well as NB-IoT, the technology which solely focuses on IoT. The platform of Chordant is both scalable and flexible, and most of the customers need a platform like Chordant to attain profits.

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