IoT Devices are better investments for healthcare facilities

by | Aug 23, 2019 | IoT Companies

When it comes to healthcare, the Internet of Things devices and applications are continually growing in this sphere. According to the recent network reports by Aruba, around 87 percent of the total healthcare organizations are going to use the IoT devices by the end of 2019.

In addition to this, a recent report came into being from the acclaimed company, Accenture. The report has found that healthcare organizations provide 10 percent of their total IT budget to incorporate the Internet of Things solutions. The investments in these healthcare facilities increases at an alarming rate as the budget of the hospital grows.

The robust interconnected devices also help hospitals in automating the time-consuming tasks done by an administrative. The apparatus also track medication inventory by enhancing the rate of building security, along with several other critical functions. In addition to this, they also improve the high-quality care, which would help in preventing the expensive readmissions.

According to the 2017 report by Accenture, there is around 73 percent of the professionals of healthcare that focuses on cost-saving while adopting the Internet of Things devices. Moreover, the report also suggests the remote patient monitoring, data analysis, and wellness programs are the attributes that would prompt quite an intuitive rate of decision making.

The present time is the best time for the Internet of Things devices to make investments in the Internet of Things devices. Saratoga Hospital is completely trapped with administrative tasks like taking the vitals of the patients in every few hours. They also provide the manual logging of the results.

The hospital is putting in an effort so that it can improve the clinical outcomes and then enhance the safety of the patients along with the organizations. To achieve this goal, the hospital did turn to Philips to provide aid to the patients with monitoring technology for IoT. Phillips has helped the hospital when it comes to reduction in the transfers.

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