IoT connectivity & Big Data Analytics come together with the collaboration between BTI and PixelMechanics

by | Mar 15, 2019 | IoT News

Collaborations between leading pioneers in the world of IoT can be accounted as the driving force for IoT technology to accomplish mainstream applications. Recently, Behr Technologies Inc. (BTI) entered into a partnership with PixelMechanics on March 13, 2019 for improvement of production efficiency as well as monitoring and control over the manufacturing facilities by leveraging the use of cost effective and scalable networks of environmental sensors.

This latest IoT news comes as another massive step in the world of IoT as both BTI and PixelMechanics are involved with the domain of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with the former being a global licensee of MIOTYä LPWAN solutions. PixelMechanics is located in Nuremberg and has a considerably promising reputation as a digital agency providing specialized IIoT lifecycle management and visualization.

Sources of latest IoT information have clearly stated that the first project in this partnership would be for Witte Spezialitaten, which is renowned for manufacturing the traditional gingerbread as well as German bakery specialty products. In order to improve the monitoring of the cold chain and quality assurance, Witte Spezialitaten implemented sensors supported by MIOTY at its various retail locations and storage facilities for measurement of temperature and humidity.

The most promising outcome from the collaboration between BIT and PixelMechanics is that the data about temperature and humidity is transmitted at an interval of 75 seconds to the IoT platform of PixelMechanics. The access to real time data implies a formidable stride in latest IoT trends that is supported further by analysis of data through smart algorithms for deriving plausible insights on the management dashboard.

According to the CEO of BTI, Albert Behr, this collaboration will allow us to make the most of sensor networks as well as big data analytics for manufacturers. He further added that this initiative would solve two formidable issues i.e. access to crucial and relevant data and the conversion of data into actionable insights for improvement of operational efficiency as well as promoting intelligent decision making and innovation.

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