IoT brings a paradigm shift in terms of connectivity

by | Jun 14, 2019 | IoT News

During the ‘90s, private & public sectors were implementing Land Mobile Radio in the tech-savvy countries around the world. LMR had a massive amount of deficiency in terms of audio and range. The drawback in LMR forced the sectors to look for a suitable alternative.

Later in 1996, in the US, the very first generation of PTT service came into being. Push-to-talk immediately took over the cellular infrastructure in the country. Some people even started augmenting LMR devices with that of PTT application and used it on smartphones. The most groundbreaking innovation that followed the unification of technologies was when applications on smartphones could easily communicate with radio systems even when the radios weren’t able to communicate.

Ever since the early 2000s, PPT has continuously been evolving, and later it gave rise to the revolutionary LTE networks that over 7.2 billion people in the world rely on, and this has been the case since ten years. LTE also has its roots from narrowband technology as well as the analog predecessor.

During the transitional period, what happened was, PTT led to the birth of the PoC network. And the transition from LMR to PoC was the “real” advancement in the field of mobile communications.

Today, the Internet of Things is coming out with new opportunities such as transmission, data collection, remote capabilities as well as processing. There are numerous network options around the world right now where IoT can be implemented. The users should opt for data costs and power consumptions rather than opting for bandwidth and range of the perfect IoT connectivity.

5G connectivity has become the latest buzz, the experts suggest that 5G has better latency rate that the 4G-LTE, firms around the world are trying to integrate IoT and 5G for quite some time now. The sensors that come with IoT devices are great at monitoring the emotions of customers and gather data at the same time. Nevertheless, IoT technology and 5G is at an early stage of development. Both of the technologies have a long way to go in the long run.

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