IoT application design made more secure with new line of microcontrollers from Cypress

by | Mar 15, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

One of leading companies in the world of embedded solutions, Cypress Semiconductor Corp, has announced a new line of their PSoC 6 microcontrollers that can provide higher level of security in IoT applications. IoT designers could be able to use the integration of standards-based and comprehensive system layer security software with the hardware layer features to accomplish higher security levels.

The information from IoT news blogs clearly indicate that, the new PSoC 64 Secure MCU devices could be associated with true attestation and provision services that are adequately supported by isolated root-of-trust. It is also essential to observe that the devices would be able to provide a secure execution environment by default that would be compliant with system software in distinct IoT platforms with the facility of secure firmware management and storage alongside TLS authentication.

Further information from IoT newsletters also indicate towards the statement of Executive Vice President of Microcontrollers and Connectivity Division of Cypress, Sudhir Gopalswamy in which he reports that IoT devices are increasingly demanding higher levels of data protection and user privacy. He also added that design of IoT devices and applications with sophisticated security levels can be a tough task and would demand the skills necessary for the application, hardware layers and system.

Security would be a major aspect for developing trust in majority of IoT automation applications. Therefore, the suitability of PSoC 64 Secure MCUs could be validated owing to the facilities for implementing them in cloud-connected products which depend largely on the credibility of firmware updates as well as safeguarding user data. The applications of this new IoT development can be observed for home security, healthcare device and chronic disease management equipment solutions.

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