IoT and smartphones are soaring up data in the US

by | Jun 25, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

Consumption of data in the US was almost doubled in the year 2018. There is an increase in the consumption of data ranging from 15.7 trillion Megabyte to 28.5 trillion Megabyte. The data originates from recent research done by CTIA’s.

On average, all the smartphone users in the country have consumed around 6.6GB of data every single month, which used to be 5GB data in 2017. CTIA, all through a report noted a jump in consumption of data would reportedly drive a mere multiplication of the devices such as health monitors, smartwatches as well as connected cars.

Later it was found that around 10 per cent of the total number of grew year by year and reached 139.4 million. Moreover, the time that people spend on voice call also saw a bump of 9.6 per cent, which gave rise to 2.4 trillion minutes. On the other hand, the rate of SMS that people send to one another has risen to 15.8 per cent; overall 2 trillion.

The data suggests that in a couple of years, people have been engaging in consuming data and network in a surplus manner. Even the automobile manufacturers are putting out many free offers to entice consumers to join in draining data, making calls, send a large number of texts.

People can easily spend a year with a single smartphone of the connected device without speaking a word. By the looks of it, this is the world that people have created for themselves. Meredith Attwell Baker, the CEO of CTIA, said in a statement that there is a dire need to liberalize the spectrum so that demand can be kept. The manufacturers will also have to deliver the required enhancement to power the forthcoming 5G networks. Moreover, the manufacturers are working to increase their mobile infrastructure offering.

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