IoT and Routers can hack insecure smart businesses and smart homes

by | Mar 25, 2019 | IoT Technology

There is a new cyber attack that came into the spotlight. The attack is regarded to be Live Free or Die Hard. The longtime Bruce Willis starrer Die Hard fans are well aware of the phrase from the Hollywood blockbuster franchise Die Hard. But this time the phrase has an unfortunate implication for America. The Live Free or Die Hard attack was directed towards the American public infrastructure.

By the looks of it, the attack is not a fictional one as a report from Trend Micro has surfaced related to the attack. According to the report, the connectivity devices such as routers acted as the entry points of the attack. The attack follows the same pattern of the infamous attack that was made against the central bank of Bangladesh. In the Bangladeshi attack, the hackers stole $80 Million. After the shooting, Reuters said that the attack was successful as the bank cut back the security software as well as the network hardware.

Micro Trend states the level of vulnerabilities finds its way to the commercial as well as industrial consumers. In these attacks, the routers, as well as the Internet of Things devices, are used to mine cryptocurrency pharming as well as mining attacks.

Since the beginning of the year 2018, the cryptocurrency owners have become a significant target for utilizing the malware based on Cryptocurrency mining as well as malware for stealing cryptocurrency. According to the Solutions of Enterprise Cybersecurity, Trend Micro some underground forums tend to illegally use routers, smartphones as well as the Internet of Things devices for conducting mining activities.

By the looks of it, when it comes to attacking, the healthcare industry will always remain on the top. The connected health care facilities are targeted from the cutting edge network and security of the supply chain.

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