IoT and Edge computing will reshape networking

by | Jun 21, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

The groundbreaking Internet of Things has been reshaping the very essence of networking around the globe. There is a massive number of devices and gadgets that are currently being installed with the help of IoT. These devices range from commercial smart speakers such as Alexa and Google Now to the state-of-the-art medical imaging scanners.

One of the most peculiar and distinctive features of these devices is that they generate a seamless amount of data. Moreover, this data is then meant to be processed and moved to cloud for storage and analysis purposes.

By the looks of it, this might be the reason as to why significant enterprises around the world are currently turning their heads towards edge computing. With edge computing, storage, computing, and processing capabilities are enhanced significantly. Edge computing is also responsible for pumping out the data. The potential of edge computing is limitless, and this is all the more reason as to why edge computing has been getting a lot of attention.

Additionally, edge computing is also cost-effective and efficient in dealing with the data of a network’s edge. Furthermore, edge computing also transports the data to all the server of the fully-centralized data center.

By the looks of it, an Artificial Intelligence application is powerful enough at recognizing anomalies in the line of production. On the other hand, it also analyzes the video that has been captured in real-time. From a video observation perspective, the video curates a lump sum amount of data.

Unifying IoT and edge computing will reduce the WAN transport costs and in the long run, keep the data in a commute location to prevent tampering of the data. One of the added benefits of edge computing is that the processing takes place almost immediately. High powered IoT devices would need more bandwidth along with the server of the data center. The combination of IoT and edge computing will create new opportunities for enterprises.

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