IoT and AI would aid in sustaining the environment

by | Sep 5, 2019 | IoT Devices & Sensors

Leveraging the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence in terms of environmental sustainability, would help in maximizing the efforts of different organizations for protecting the environment. The 2018 report by Intel suggests that around 73% out of 200 business decision-makers for environmental sustainability said that AI would aid in solving the ecological problems.

By the looks of it, millions of electronic devices has been discarded by their users are given that they haven’t been disposed of properly. On the other hand, Billions of dollars have been wasted each year to dispose and recycle the used parts of the non-functional devices. For reducing the issue of the improper disposal of the redundancy of the electronic devices, some tech giants use recycled materials.

One of the notable companies to use recycled materials is the Cupertino giant, Apple. Moreover, Apple has also made a name for itself to use materials that will have a very less impact on Earth’s environment. The mixture of the software and the hardware will be beneficial for protecting the environment. Significant companies are utilizing the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence to make the environment sustainable. These companies also used the eco-friendly hardware, which would help to reduce the production of the e-waste.

If most of the companies around the world being to use the discarded devices and refurbish them, then it would save millions of dollars for a significant number of enterprises in the production of the new products. By utilizing the AI and IoT, the businesses around the world can curate the systems for monitoring the entirety of the hardware.

Furthermore, these systems can notify as well as to detect the consumers of the life cycle of the devices. It will also help consumers by guiding them all through the replacement procedure. An efficient AI-driven IoT based system and device would aid in decreasing the carbon footprint from across the world.

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