IoT and 5G will make data expansion better

by | Jun 12, 2019 | IoT Companies

DataStax’s business advisor, Patrick Callaghan, has been spreading the word that Internet of Things and 5G will increase the demand of the distributed data.

The industries are welcoming the forthcoming Industrial Revolution 4.0 with open arms. With the fourth Industrial Revolution, automated deliveries conducted by drones and self-driving cars will become mainstream. Internet of Things has been around for decades now, and one of the notable examples of the first IoT devices is the ATM machines. The term Internet of Things first came into being in the year 1999.

By the looks of it, the first connected devices of the world was present in the educational institution Carnegie Mellon. The university had a Coca Cola machine which the students could use to check the number of bottles present in the machine. Back then, the students could also check if the sugar water was cold or not before they buy a bottle.

Over the years, the curators of the connected devices understood that IoT devices create massive amounts of data. Moreover, the data is needed to be appropriate when they are created. So the real question is how IoT will affect the creation of data and organizations scale up their businesses in the long run?

The 5G has a massive bandwidth and low latency. Undoubtedly, 5G will power the next generation of cellular and broadband connectivity. Furthermore, 5G would benefit the Internet of Things data with its present-day application.

Gartner states that around 66% of the entire organization around the world would deploy 5G by the year 2020. According to Capgemini, some of the widespread use cases of 5G would be in monitoring the environment, keeping proper tabs on inventory, and smart metering. In the long run, 5G will drive profitable productivity for the operator. The UK government is running 5G broadband to see the potential of the technology.

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