IoT Alliances are announcing the competitors for the Smart E-Mobility challenge

by | Apr 9, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

An ecosystem called The Trusted Internet of Things Alliance that has found more than 50 companies who are working together for curating a trusted open source system for the Internet of Things with the technology related to the blockchain. The alliance has reportedly announced that the competitors for their own Smart E-Mobility Challenge.

The Chief Community Officer of the Alliance, Alexy Khrabrov said that they are delighted with the level of interest that the challenges by Trusted Internet of Things Alliance have so far sparkled when it comes to the Internet of Things market spaces as well as blockchain. By the looks of it, the company has reportedly received distinguished submissions from the advanced tech companies located in every corner of the world.

Judging by the information from Khrabrov’s statement, every single one of the entrant can develop a complete architecture related to a unique concept. The ecosystem aims to help all of the participants for creating a better level of solution which upon completion can be spread throughout the market.

One of the distinctive global independent IoT research, MachNation which is also a benchmarking firm is reportedly co-producing the Challenge. TIoTA has devised an E-Mobility Challenge which will spur both the commercialization as well as developer of the growing ecosystem as well as marketplace meant for e-mobility.

The competition is going to leverage the services that come from the ecosystems that are pre-existing in the vehicles powered by electricity all around Europe. According to the sources, TIoTA has already chosen the primary vehicle for completing the challenge. The Jaguar I-PACE is the vehicle which Bosch has brought forward.

The significant highlight that is anticipated from the Challenge is PACE Tour where the Jag will be chosen in the selected European cities. And the competitors are going to have access to the vehicle.

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