IoT, AI, and Blockchain will complete people’s daily chores

by | Jun 26, 2019 | IoT Software Platforms

The futuristic technology trio, Internet of Things, blockchain, and Artificial are currently getting enhanced and improved every day so that they can be used in people’s day to day lives. By the looks of it, these technologies will soon make its way to aid in completing daily chores.

For a long time now, blockchain has been revolutionizing the way businesses around the world work alongside the groundbreaking cryptocurrency. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence is also getting implemented for the building of sentient robots. Internet of Things, on the other hand, has been busy in connecting all the devices that people use in their everyday lives.

IoT has been a massive help to humankind in a short time. With the Internet of Things controlling the heating system with conventional smartphones is easy. Nevertheless, these technologies can benefit on a grand scale if they are combined.

In the meantime, robots are also being deployed and used for several purposes by Artificial Intelligence developers. Now-a-day robots are utilized to carry out most of the activities that humans have been doing since the beginning of society, such as serving dishes and cleaning the bathroom.

The future where the Artificial Intelligence powered robots will grab the mail, take the dog for a walk and even answer the door when a person would be busy with something. And this future is only possible if blockchain and Internet of Things are put into use at the same time. Blockchain has the potential to automate everything due to a robust feature called smart contracts. The robot butler will be tied to a network powered by the Internet of Things such as IOTA.

If the user would have a smart car, then the IoT, blockchain and AI-powered robot butler will carry out the task as it is connected to the internet. Moreover, the robustness of blockchain allows the user not to carry out programing of the devices separately to get the work done even if the user is in a different part of the world.

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