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Starting at the highest level, Intersog has always attempted to achieve a business goal or solve a problem. Their consulting services include defining and prioritizing goals, establishing measurable success criteria, and providing advice on how software can meet needs.

In addition to providing a clear roadmap, Intersog provides top tips on how to get there. They understand the basics and building blocks of a successful software development project.

Intersog knows how to assemble all parts while helping to advise on options, feasibility, gap analysis and ramifications.

From product development/evolution advice, industry trends and software partner recommendations to sensors, processors, network topology, communication protocol, and security suggestions, Intersog is a leading custom development provider that pilots innovation and evolution of many sectors around the world.

Services Offered

  • Software Development
  • Integration Solutions
  • Workforce Solutions
  • Support & Hosting

Contact Address

220 N Green 2nd Floor, Chicago, IL 60607

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