Internet of Things will bring the inception of smart cities in the South Asian country

by | May 23, 2019 | IoT Companies

The inception of smart cities would provide effective traffic management system, adequate lighting, better healthcare quality, along with germ-free waste management system. A smart city should also be comprised of the highest of the benchmark to create a better environment, proper measures concerning cyber safety & physical safety, and space to park vehicles.

Adopting smart solutions have reportedly gained a lot of traction lately. Across the country, the smart city initiative is turning into mainstream. There is a massive amount of sensor-based infrastructure, big data analytics, and robust solutions for citizens that have come to life with the inception of smart cities. Internet of Things provides an unprecedented platform for managing and monitoring the ultra-modern landscape, according to the study recently conducted by KPMG on Wednesday.

The Chairman of KPMG India, Elias George, said that by inducing the Internet of Things into the urban world would bring excellent management and utilization of the public resources. The steadfast adoption of the Internet of Things would prove a fundamental factor to improve the effectiveness of the urban infrastructure. It will also improve the necessary quality of services for the citizens. And this is going to make a conventional city entirely smart.

By the looks of it, the study also stresses on the fact that the government of different countries want to make their countries economically stable. Economic development is going to play a crucial role as the strategies would introduce smart tech into urban development. Undoubtedly, IoT will be driving the curation of smart cities in India.

Experts have predicted that the Internet of Things has the potential to make the economic value of a country better. The report from KPMG states that by the end of 2025, there will be more than 75 billion operational Internet of Things devices.

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