Internet of Things makes its way to Charlottesville

by | Apr 8, 2019 | IoT News

LinkLab and Smart Cville at the United States UVA province have come together to release a free Internet of Things network to a specific region, “Charlottesville.”

Smart Cville & LinkLab have together bought the technology that will make a popular city into a smart city from an acclaimed company “Things Network” for providing a set of global and open tools for building the application based on the Internet of Things. The goal of LinkLab & Smart Cville is to create and increase the awareness for the Things Network’ smart city network which would inspire innovation.

On the 1st of June 2019, Smart Cville is going to curate and inspire innovation called 2019 Civic Innovation Day which is focused on the Internet of Things. The Civic Innovation 2019 Day will be seeking the participants for coming forward to the event. The teams of the event are going to curate some of new Internet of Things solution to make the environment of the said area sustainable, employ multiple levels of mode as well as projects focused on IoT community.

Smart Cville’s founder Lucas Ames said that any one of the participants could build anything that they want to. The smart city network has come to life to enlist the people of the region to create something by simple purchasing & hosting the gateways that they create. Through this, the LinkLab or even Smart Cville is not going to manage anything, and neither of the companies is going to own their gateways. The company has combined their forces to create something real community resources within a single grassroots.

Things Network, on the other hand, is a genuine grassroots organization which introduced a first complete network based on Internet of Things for the citizens, businesses, and innovators in the heart of Amsterdam. Things Network has deployed over 7,000 gateways for the Things Network around the world.

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