Internet of Things: IoT Evolves by Converging with AI and Big Data

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Press Release

IoT is evolving and converging with Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning and 5G technologies. IoT devices are getting smarter and getting better connected.

The combination of IoT with AI and other emerging technologies is expected to create machines that are better at sensing, have less downtime, and are more efficient. Large amounts of data acquired by IoT sensors can enable better monitoring, predictive analysis, and maintenance.

Jayshree Pandya, founder of Risk Group, wrote in Forbes that “IoTs are on their way to not only fundamentally defining, designing and developing intelligent systems at all levels by making them connected, smart, efficient, and affordable but are also changing the very foundation and fabric of the internet.”

Charles Towers-Clark, CEO at POD Group, said that “IoT, Big Data, and AI all feed into each other and create an ecosystem of automation – IoT devices collect data on millions of criteria, which is then collated in the cloud, and used to train and improve AI algorithms. As such, ensuring that people understand how IoT, Big Data and AI interact and improve each other is the most important thing we can do to bring real improvements to our lives. “


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