Internet of Things Firms are unable to implement better security for IoT Technology

by | Mar 9, 2019 | IoT News

Firms are currently at a rat race of producing low priced products to the market. This is the only reason as to why the devices based on the Internet of Things do not possess a more excellent version of security. Erez Yalon, the researcher from Checkmarx, said that given the infosec industry has grown much advanced than they used to be, the security alarms for the Internet of Things has not improved yet.

According to Yalon, smart devices are extremely easy when it comes to targeting them for security reasons. Mostly what happens with the devices are that they often come right into the man-in-the-middle attacks. Back in February 2019, the research firm Checkmarx has discovered a swarm of flaws coming from the smart scale consumers which allows the hackers into launching numerous attacks such as Denial of Service and DDoS attack.

Yalon serves as the head of the Checkmarx security firm said that time and again the security flaw are evolving indefinitely. One of the crucial reason why there is a lot of pressure on the manufacturers who are always trying to secure the connected devices. Yalon said that there are extremely less middle effects in the applications based on the web.

In the course of time, it moved towards cellular connectivity and now to IoT. Some mobile and web technologies are beginning to gather some kind of standard or even ways for mitigating the concerning issues. This isn’t something that people see a lot in the Internet of Things.

The firm is doing immediate research every day with numerous team around the world. Checkmarx has found out that the only way the manufacturers can make better products is if they offer better solutions where it comes to the security of the Internet of Things devices.

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