Intelligent automobiles have better security than IoT devices

by | Aug 5, 2019 | IoT News

According to the researchers of Kaspersky, aftermarket cars that are connected to the Internet are much smarter automobiles than the conventional ones. The researchers also said that intelligent connected vehicles sport better security than most of the robust accessories of the Internet of Things.

As of now, there are around two ways for automobile enthusiasts to get hold of a connected vehicle. The buyers can purchase the connected vehicle which comes with the tag “Smart by Design” from the car dealership itself. On the other hand, the automotive individuals who want to own smart automobile can attach a significant number of ‘smart devices’ to the vehicle. Moreover, they can do it by directly connecting the IoT devices to the car itself.

When it comes to the smart connected device incorporating a vehicle, the scenario gives rise to a better and robust driving experience. Additionally, the intelligent technology also represents a cutting-edge area concerning spiteful utilization. The research firm by Kaspersky and the media said that there is a highly likely chance that these cars would be infected easily.

It is taking a lot of time for the Internet of Things to welcome a robust security solution. Whenever a groundbreaking technology starts to get traction from the public and different industries, it also gets prone to cyberattacks. Moreover, the inferior security of IoT devices is becoming a massive problem for various industries across the globe.

The researchers of the Kaspersky have begun on a new endeavour to get a knowledge of whether the reports concerning the IoT devices’ security will have any negative impact on the smart devices automotive industry’s manufacturers.

According to sources, the researchers did make an analysis of numerous Internet of Things devices. The best part was that the finding of the reports were pleasants. The IoT industry is often deemed to be vulnerable; however, the automotive smart vehicles in the automobiles were extraordinarily safe.

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