Intel wants the dumb IoT devices to become smart

by | Apr 8, 2019 | IoT Companies

By the looks of it, the Internet of Things is going to generate a bigger tidal of tsunamis of all time. Softbank is highly anticipating that they are going to witness a trillion number of connected devices which is going to give a rise of $11 trillion valuations in spending by the year 2025. On the other hand, the SoCs giant Intel is delighted about it. According to Intel, this is going to bring forward a big demand for the world that utilizes data along with a massive number of processors at both the edge and the center of the network.

Intel’s Internet of Things group’s general manager, Jonathan Ballon shared his view regarding the demand about the Internet of Things at Intel’s news event at San Francisco. The company has showcased over fifty new products in the exhibition that revolves around data-centric. Intel has also introduced the 2nd generation Xeon flagship processor for scalability.

These products are going to help Intel Corporation to attract a massive addressable market. The company is going to be the pipeline of the processing data that comes from the Internet of Things devices as the company is heading towards the datacenter. It was later revealed that the edge devices are going to take more about artificial processing as this will help the people in sending the data which has been collected at the data center.

On the other hand, the edge devices have to take on the cutting edge of artificial intelligence as it sends the collected data directly to the data center. There is a highly likely chance that this collection of data might clog up the network. Hence, the data should be analyzed at the edge, and then the relevant data will step up to getting processed.

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