Integration between IoT and agriculture will revolutionize the agricultural landscape in India

by | Jun 17, 2019 | IoT Technology

South Asian country, India is witnessing a revolutionizing deployment of IoT solutions in numerous verticals. One of the most promising deployments of IoT solutions is in the country’s agricultural landscape. Currently, IoT is the most promising technology which is accessible all around the world, including India. Moreover, the unification of IoT with India’s agricultural sector will bring a paradigm shift of farming activities.

The Internet of Things market in India is expected to grow from 3 billion USD to 9 billion USD by the beginning of 2020. Health, homes, telecom, manufacturing, cities & computers are also the sectors that will ultimately be integrated with IoT for maximum productivity and real-time data storage/analysis. India is going through a massive digital revolution, and IoT is becoming a catalyst to make India digital.

By the year 2022, the agricultural sector is predicted to contribute around $1 trillion of the total GDP in India itself. It is essential that India puts all of its focus in revolutionizing the agricultural sector across the country.

Furthermore, to achieve massive growth, it is essential for the country to embrace the current technology that has the potential to change everything about the country itself. The methodologies of the Internet of Things is transforming when combined with the automation process, and it also makes operations much more efficient, which leads to better productivity.

For quite some time now, India has been losing its long generation of farmers due to high rate of cultivation, lower production and infertile soil. The 2018 Economic Survey states that by 2050, the downfall of agricultural workers will be down by 25.7 per cent.

Wireless connectivity and IoT are interdependent on one another. By leveraging the wireless connectivity in the agricultural sector, a new form of the farming sector will come to life in India. In the long run, emerging technologies like IoT will transform India’s agricultural landscape and benefit the future generations of farmers in the country.

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