Integrating IoT and blockchain will change the security scenarios

by | Aug 8, 2019 | IoT News

The modern-day businesses are not just gathering the data; instead, they are also exploiting the data for their benefits. Data is very much essential to drive digital transformation as well as in decision making. However, the real question is how will organizations manage to tap into the expanse that is increasing every day. 

The solutions to this problem are relatively straightforward as the modern-day technologies can revolutionize the security measures in every sphere. Big Data, the Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence are three major distinctive solutions which can aid the businesses in the long run. These revolutionaries technologies access gathers, and explore the precious resource in the world, data.

Blockchain is the revolutionary transactional ledge which works through a connective network. Given that, blockchain took a lot of time to make it among the most significant recent innovations. However, the technology has massive potential that can revolutionize the world of technology. Blockchain depends on blocks and hash rates to work; on the other hand, every prominent blockchain comprises miners that ensure security is maintained. 

When it comes to integrating the Internet of Things with blockchain, things will become practical. However, everything depends on an Enterprise’s use case. Billions of Internet of Things devices are connected to the Internet across the world. Additionally, more of these devices are yet to come. 

The experts of the Internet of Things are predicting that by the beginning of 2022, there will be more than 50 billion Internet of Things devices connected to the Internet. Nevertheless, the problem doesn’t lie with the massive amount of data that the Internet of Things devices and sensors generate. Instead, the real problem lies with security and trust. 

The power concerning the processing has become a conventional commodity these days; however, it is the trust and security, which is extremely hard to find. Moreover, this is what the businesses and enterprises around the world need; it is only possible with the merging or IoT & blockchain technology. 

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