India’s Tata Communication opts for BearingPoint solution to provide IoT

by | May 28, 2019 | IoT Companies

One of the most important products that will drive the forthcoming Industry 4.0 or the Industrial Internet of Things revolution is MOVE IoT Connect. The product has been specifically designed to help organizations around the world with borderless growth. Leveraging the MOVE IoT Connect will enhance connectivity; furthermore, it will support worldwide collaboration with a network with over 600 mobile operators.

The most significant feature of MOVE IoT Connect is that the solution combines the Internet of Things capabilities via M2M interactions alongside mobile network endorsement. In addition, it also increases the efficiency of the operations of businesses such as control, coverage, billing, subscriber management.

Tata Communications curated the MOVE IoT Connect to make IoT adoption a hassle-free scenario. On the other hand, Tata Communication is spread out to over 200 countries across the world, and it serves over 7,000 customers around the globe as well. Additionally, Tata Communication also supports 300 of the Fortune 500 organizations, globally.

As of now, Tata Communications is paving new methods that would make customer delivery better via MOVE IoT Connect solution. And this is where the BearingPoint’s acclaimed IDB Platform comes into being. With BearingPoint, Tata wants to incorporate quick and efficient interactions of complex business and exchange of ideas.

Tata Communications implements Infonova to enable the customer in controlling and personalizing their Internet of Things experience. This will allow an oversight related to several aspects to carry out connections seamlessly in the most efficient ways. Customers can customize their own connections according to the needs of distinctive markets.

Tata Communications’ Chief Product Officer said that the company aims at introducing a sphere where anything can be connected. The CPO also said that to make this dream a reality, the company will unify its IoT as well as mobile capabilities with an expert partner, BearingPoint.

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